My new coffee flavor

Recently I’ve started to enjoy a new coffee flavor – espresso, straight up. No milk, no sweetener.

After putting on a few pounds this year, I’ve decided to try the latest dieting trend – intermittent fasting combined with the keto diet. The main thing that was preventing me from fasting in the mornings was the milk and sugar in my coffee.

I’ve been enjoying daily cappuccinos every morning for the last three decades. Just the thought of giving up milk and sugar in my morning routine was enough to stop me from trying anything else.

I did start using Xylitol as an alternative to sugar about a year ago, and found it to be a satisfactory alternative.

Espresso contains more than five times the amount of coffee bean solids than drip coffee does, which makes it much more intense. The near-boiling water doesn’t have time to extract the overly-bitter flavors that might come with the dark roasts used in espresso.

I’ve found that after a few weeks of drinking unsweetened espresso shots I can’t even imagine adding anything to them. They’re perfect as they are! And I can now fast for 16 hours each day.






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